Niccolò Paganini – One Of The All-Time Classical Guitar Greats

While crushing hard rock and metal guitar riffs played alongside searing solos are often incredibly impressive and fun to listen to, some of the most accomplished guitar playing comes in the form of classic music. Much of classical guitar is played with a finger picked style that often has rhythm bass notes played at the same time as lead melodies, requiring intricate finger positions that must be quickly changed much more than your standard contemporary guitar compositions. When it comes to classical guitar at its finest, there may be no one greater than Niccolò Paganini.

Niccolò Paganini was a talented musician with various string instruments, including the violin. Guitar was his mainstay however, and he composed many famous pieces such as 24 Caprices, II Fandango Spanolo, and Cantabile. He was responsible for incredibly imaginative pieces, and they all stood out since his peers and most other classical composers tended to write with the aid of a piano rather than any particular stringed instrument. There was a notable lack of polyphonics in some of his pieces – where multiple notes are being utilized to harmonize with one another – but in hindsight this only makes his work even more groundbreaking given the direction guitar ultimately took. Though not often given his due, Paganini is undoubtedly one of the all-time classical guitar greats.

I Love Listening To Classical Guitar Greats

I love listening to classical guitar greats. While the guitar is a versatile instrument used in a wide variety of genres, it is the classical guitar players that take it to higher levels of accomplishment and sound than anyone else. They really push the envelope about what can be done with a guitar.

The music they produce is just art on my eardrums, and it’s perfect any time I need to study, relax, zone out or focus on something. I even listen to it on the bench before my after school basketball games. There is a song called “Cottages at Greenwood” that is my new favorite, that has a rolling melody that sounds like the title.

When I can, I actually watch videos of the classical guitar greats that I listen to. They are not always designed to be teaching videos, but if you zoom in on their posture, hands, and fingers enough, you can actually learn quite a bit about how they play and emulate it for yourself.

Of course I would recommend having basic and fundamental guitar skills nailed down first, so you have some idea what they are doing, because a lot of it is very challenging. So far, actually, I find most of it is impossible for me personally, but I’ve picked up a little bit.

Learn From The Classical Guitar Greats

I recently learned a fascinating fact. The classical guitar and the acoustic guitar are not the same. The classical guitar is smaller than the acoustic. Also, it uses nylon strings instead of steel strings.

It can be argued that the classical guitar is not as “sexy” as the acoustic or electric guitar. You rarely see a rock and roll singer strumming a classical guitar, for example.

However, I like the traditional version because of its simplicity. You learn how to become a good guitar player when you are stripped of anything fancy. When it is just you and the guitar, you’re forced to learn the art of guitar.

Who are some of the modern classical guitar greats? Julian Alexander Bream is an English, 20th-century musician. John Christopher Williams, who was born in Australia, is a British classical guitarist.

Some classical guitarists are women, such as the Iranian-American musician Lily Afshar. Or, the American Martha Masters.

One of the best classic guitarists would be Andrés Segovia of Spain who died in 1987. Or the female Xuefei Yang, who was born in Beijing.

To find classic guitar classes, simply look online. Although the instrument is not as popular as the electric guitar, it’s still used by many artists.

Why You Should Listen To The Classical Guitar Greats

When a lot of people think of guitars, they conjure up images of rock bands or country artists. People don’t realize that the guitar isn’t just a modern instrument. It has a very long history of use.

While you could read about the history of the guitar, you may be able to gain a better understanding of it by listening to the classical guitar greats. You’ll be able to see how they used the instrument, and will get a glimpse of how guitars have changed.

These types of song can be fascinating to anyone who’s passionate about music. You can see the roots of a lot of genres in classical guitar music. It’s clear that it has a very big impact.

In addition, listening to music like this will give you a better idea of what a guitar is capable of. The greats knew how to coax all kinds of sounds out of their instruments. Their music doesn’t sound like anything else.

A lot of classical guitar music can be listened to for free online. Take the time to sample it so that you can see what you can learn from it.

The Greats of Classical Guitar: My Favorites

Classical guitar is often forgotten about, what with all the rock and rollers out there today and all the talk about the rock and roll hall of fame. But there’s really nothing like a good classical guitar piece sometimes, and through the years of my life I have realized which of the widely known classical guitar greats are truly my favorites. I think one of the finest classical guitarists to have ever lived is Andres Segovia, a classical guitar virtuoso who – and this is a fascinating fact – was actually a Spanish nobleman by birth. I discovered his classical guitar works when I picked up a box set of them at a garage sale, and as soon as I started listening to them I fell in love.

The way his fingers move deftly across the strings is simply amazing. I do not think I have ever heard a more heartfelt piece of music. If a genie appeared in front of me today, and gave me just one wish, I think I would ask him to make me able to play the guitar like Andres Segovia. I don’t really have any other desires in the world.

3 Classical Guitar Greats

Whether you want to learn how to play classical guitar or just enjoy listening to the music, it is important to know who the leading players are. The following are considered to be 3 classical guitar greats that you definitely won’t want to miss.

1. Andres Segovia (1893-1987) is widely regarded as one of the all time greatest classical guitarists. He is known for developing his own playing technique which involved plucking with both his fingertips and fingernails. He was able to completely transform the perception of the guitar with his massive concerts that he held all over the world where he played to enthusiastic audiences enthralled with his romantic approach and idiosyncratic playing style. Segovia has had a major influence on virtually every classic guitarist who has come after him.

2. Julian Bream (b. 1933) is one of the few contemporary classical guitarists who has mostly operated away form the Segovia circle of influence. The British guitarist has been inspired and influenced by Django Reinhardt, the great jazz guitarist. Bream was among the first classical guitarists to use nylon strings. For Bream, musicality takes precedence over technique. He is considered a true virtuoso and his playing style is known for tonal variety and expression.

3. John Williams (b. 1941) is a British classical guitarist who was born in Australia. Williams studied for a time with Andres Segovia. Williams is acclaimed for his flawless technique and is considered to be a technical master. He regularly appeared on television, performed duets along with Julian Bream and also lead a rock fusion/chamber group called Sky.

Hello guitaristas!

Hello! My name is Javier and I play guitar classical. I am originally from Espana (Spain) so I learned to play at a young age. Some friends hear me play and wanted to know other guitar players that influence me, so I decided to blog about it so other people can also see. I hope you enjoy it!