Learn From The Classical Guitar Greats

I recently learned a fascinating fact. The classical guitar and the acoustic guitar are not the same. The classical guitar is smaller than the acoustic. Also, it uses nylon strings instead of steel strings.

It can be argued that the classical guitar is not as “sexy” as the acoustic or electric guitar. You rarely see a rock and roll singer strumming a classical guitar, for example.

However, I like the traditional version because of its simplicity. You learn how to become a good guitar player when you are stripped of anything fancy. When it is just you and the guitar, you’re forced to learn the art of guitar.

Who are some of the modern classical guitar greats? Julian Alexander Bream is an English, 20th-century musician. John Christopher Williams, who was born in Australia, is a British classical guitarist.

Some classical guitarists are women, such as the Iranian-American musician Lily Afshar. Or, the American Martha Masters.

One of the best classic guitarists would be Andrés Segovia of Spain who died in 1987. Or the female Xuefei Yang, who was born in Beijing.

To find classic guitar classes, simply look online. Although the instrument is not as popular as the electric guitar, it’s still used by many artists.