I Love Listening To Classical Guitar Greats

I love listening to classical guitar greats. While the guitar is a versatile instrument used in a wide variety of genres, it is the classical guitar players that take it to higher levels of accomplishment and sound than anyone else. They really push the envelope about what can be done with a guitar.

The music they produce is just art on my eardrums, and it’s perfect any time I need to study, relax, zone out or focus on something. I even listen to it on the bench before my after school basketball games. There is a song called “Cottages at Greenwood” that is my new favorite, that has a rolling melody that sounds like the title.

When I can, I actually watch videos of the classical guitar greats that I listen to. They are not always designed to be teaching videos, but if you zoom in on their posture, hands, and fingers enough, you can actually learn quite a bit about how they play and emulate it for yourself.

Of course I would recommend having basic and fundamental guitar skills nailed down first, so you have some idea what they are doing, because a lot of it is very challenging. So far, actually, I find most of it is impossible for me personally, but I’ve picked up a little bit.